New fivers!


Not a week had passed since my post on notes and coins and the ECB decided they’d release a new series of fivers. Little ironic that we’ve had them since 2002 and the second I go learning about them they change. Blast it anyway.


These new fivers are part of the ‘Europa’ series of euro notes, and the main reason for introducing them is to increase security, make forgeries more difficult and to reflect the updated map of Europe. Not the updated map in 1945 after the second world war ended, the new eurozone, reflecting how it has gotten bigger since 2002, this map just reflects that Cyprus (off the map to the east on the first generation of fivers) and Malta have joined since then.

I have yet to touch and feel a new one, but I’m keeping track of when I do, on which let’s you track where the bank notes in your wallet have been before they got to you!