I’m a Scorpio and…


So I’m talking to a young upwardly mobile couple in the bar today, and discussing everything from tonights international ‘friendly’ with the England Soccer team, to apple vs android and everything in between, when she mentions that a milestone birthday is coming up, in November (yeah, that important!), and I mention my birthday is November also. So suddenly she’s telling me about how we’re both Scorpios, and that’s why we get along so well and how he’s a Leo, but just barely so he’s got traits from (?whatever comes before Leo) and how that has some profound effect on how they blah nblah blah.
It comes up how there are twelve horoscopes and twelve months, but they don’t exactly line up. So I pay no pass on it, and go about my day until I’m on the phone to the girlfriend and I see there is a star on horizon, and I see it flicker.
I remember seeing a light like that in the sky while looking up at Jupiter or Venus when I was young, and thinking maybe its one of the planets. Then I said on the phone to the girlfriend ‘there is a planet in the north west part of the sky’ and the penny dropped. The only star (visible to me) or planetary body to stay in one place is the north star. All the rest are constantly moving across the sky (when really its the rotation of the earth that’s moving the lights across my sky) and it suddenly occurred to me that not only am I moving relative to them, but they also move relative to the sun.


So that’s what it means when they say ‘Saturn is in Gemini’, its a reference to where the body is relative to the ‘top’ side of the Sun, like a calendar to keep track of where things are.

But now my predicament lies in how we designated ‘north’! Or Capricorn, as I believe its designated, The first of the horoscopes in our calendar. Is it linked to where the sun is on our horizon at noon? The solstice? The equinox? (Or is that moons?)

What concerns me is how it was decided that the names be designated to these ever moving, ever ponderable, or how it was decided the lengths and durations of the solar seasons would run for. How to explain to so many a concept so foreign. If I could explain that kind of depth to another, why couldn’t I convince them that my design is best.
Understanding how to explain is where it all starts. If you can manage that, you can sell them whatever you want to sell them. And that’s what’s its all about, sales baby.