Use a weighing scales as a measuring jug!

My friends were drinking tonight. We have no measuring jug, but being scientists, we needed to know how much was in the glass. So I got my thinking hat. Then I got my weighing scales. I know that water has a density of one. Vodka is Approximately the same, just a touch less dense because of the alcohol content. (Now working out how strong based on how much it weighs is a whole different matter!) So if we know the weight of a full glass of vodka, we can work out its volume. (Weight = density x volume, ergo volume = weight / density)

As we know out weight is 31g and as our density of vodka is 0.9496, (quick Google search) , 31/0.9496=  32ml of vodka in our glass.

Thanks to for the density info.



White shoes


I wonder if people buy white runners knowing they will pick up all the dirt and sweat marks that darker shoes hide?

First entry. also- nervous?

Last week I slated a review of a band I know. Not because I disagreed with the opinions he posted, but because the review was terribly written. Now here I am less than a week later, faced with writing my own series of blog posts for uni. In short, I said that if anything is going to be published, it should be worth reading. PRESSURE!

This Blog is primarily concerned with my observations of designs, as an online journal for Contemporary Design Culture, University of Limerick module PD4124. 

A little about myself. I am a 24 year old student from Wexford, a second year Product Design and Technology student in the University of Limerick. I previously studied Biomedical Engineering in DCU. I have played Bass Guitar in two bands, producing original tracks as well as the occasional cover song. I’m interested in computers, especially mobile and handheld devices. All my life I have been fascinated by gadgets, and I love to tinker and tear apart devices to discover their inner workings. (I wired speakers into my bathroom at home to listen to music while I shower. I made a couple of control boxes for music, one ‘signal splitter’ for using one microphone for clean and treated vocals, the other an phaser effect pedal. I arranged the cover sleeve for my bands original publication, Emptyhead E.P. I used microphones and a laptop to record a music track from the sounds of making a cup of tea. I used microsoft excel to predict the outcome of a local election based on sample observation counts. I also use excel to graphically visualise my student loans, how much I’ve borrowed, repayment schedule, etc.)

I believe that information is beautiful, and can be portrayed as such. We live in a society that rewards knowledge and we prize knowing the weather or when the bus is coming on time or whether we have time for another pint before we leave! Accessing this information has become part of our lives, and shaping the future of information distribution excites me.